Snake River RV Park & Campground

1440 Lindsay Blvd., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Date Visited: October 2019

Site: A-27 (Electric and Water, 50 AMP)

We paid: $41 per night (Good Sam Discount)

Review: We chose this park because of its 9-9-9 rating from Good Sam, but we think that was too high. We almost gave it a thumbs down, but compromised with a sideways thumb.

It was difficult to make the reservation in the first place. They only take phone calls for reservations, and I left a message but got no return call. I had to call about 6 times before I actually talked to a human, and then the reservation process proceeded just fine. Office staff were friendly and helpful.

We selected an Electric/Water site because we were only there one night. We were placed on the perimeter of the campground and felt like we were in the middle of an industrial/factory/farm equipment parking lot. Our view was of old buildings and torn up lots—definitely a zero for the view. In a different part of the park, I’m sure the view is much nicer, which is why we opted for a sideways rating. It would be nice if they could at least put up a fence to block the ugly view.

Our site was level and gravel with grass in-between. Not many trees and sites are pretty close together. The road out was very uneven and full of potholes. Bathrooms were old and not in great shape.

We would probably not stay here again unless desperate. This park helped us escape from bad weather coming out of Yellowstone, so we were grateful for that, but otherwise, there’s not much to recommend it.