Valencia Travel Village

27946 HENRY MAYO DR (HWY 126), CASTAIC, CA  91384

Date Visited: July 2017, April 2019, February 2022, May/June/Sept 2022, April/May 2023

SiteS: #A-2, A-9, A-12, A-13, A-14, A-16, A-20, B-5, B-8, B-16, K-6, K-10, K-15—PULL-THROUGH, FULL HOOKUPS

We paid: $85

Review: Because we store our rig here and pay one year at a time, we can use this campground two days per month for free. The RV park is comfortable and has all that we need. The sites are a bit close together, and for some sites, the hookups are in an odd location, but we’ve always made it work. 

Sites are very level, though K-6 was not very level. There is a fair amount of grass and shade trees, and the pool area is one of the nicer ones we’ve seen (multiple hot tubs and a big pool). Large and clean laundry facilities and a well-stocked store make this a good choice at the beginning or end of a trip.  Of the above sites, we liked A-12 and A-20 the best. A-9 had good shade, but was very close to other sites. A-16 was muddy from the overwatering of sprinklers, so not our favorite site. B-5 was a bit crowded. We recently stayed way back in the K loop, and we enjoyed this area as well. It’s a bit far from the amenities, but otherwise very nice. We love K-10 if it’s available.

There isn’t really a walking path per se, but you can walk around the large campground to get a bit of exercise. 

The RV park is just off the 126, maybe 1 mile west of I-5, so it’s convenient for north-south travel. You’re pretty close to Magic Mountain and other Santa Clarita valley attractions. We like to eat at Wood Ranch and Hummus Republic. Walmart is not too far away either.

In our last visit there was a hawk or falcon’s nest above us. See the babies below.

Site B-5
Site K-10