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We started in 2013 not knowing anything about SCUBA diving much less underwater photography. But after 2 weeks getting PADI-certified in April in SoCal (51 degrees in the water) we started our next great adventure. We had a week-long break between certification and advanced certification so Hank bought a GoPro 3 camera to use on our advanced-level diving course. After forgetting to turn the dang camera on when a shark passed by on the first advanced dive, he learned his lesson. But even after reviewing the footage later, he still did not know anything about Apple iMovie. The Santa Barbara and Anacapa Island videos are two of his first projects. The rest of the movies are more recent trips. Enjoy our adventure movies!

Anacapa Island 2013

Diving with island critters

Palau/Hawaii 2019

10-day dive trip with friends

Santa Barbara Island

Diving with sea lions

Curacao 2018

7-day dive trip by ourselves

Calif. to Minn. Outbound

68-day RV trip CA - MN and back. Outbound.

Calif. to Minn. Homeward Bound

68-day RV trip CA - MN and back. Homeward bound.

Fiji 2017

7-day dive trip with dive buddies

Cozumel 2015

7-day dive trip with Bluewater Dive Travel

Bali 2015

9-day dive trip with Eco Dive Center

Bonaire 2014

7-day dive trip to practice shore diving

Philippines 2016

7-day dive trip to Atmosphere Resort with dive buddies

Raja Ampat, Indonesia 2016

10-day dive on Damai II with Bluewater Photo

Tanzania 2018

7-day safari on the Serengeti and more

Tanzania (Zanzibar) 2018

7-day dive extension to safari on Zanzibar

Tahiti 2014

10-day dive trip to Bora Bora and Rangiroa

Southwest RV trip 2018

3-week RV trip to Arizona and New Mexico