Surviving RV Travel: A Cat’s Perspective

Danno’s words (as dictated to Cindy): 

Hi!  It’s me, Danno, Cindy and Hank’s favorite cat!  Now that we’re back home in Southern California after this 15-week trip across the U.S., up the Atlantic coast, and through several eastern Canadian provinces, let me tell you what it was really like!  

What’s it like to drive 10,260 miles across the continent in a motorhome? Well, I spent most of that time hiding under the bed, being bounced around in the back of the RV.

But once the RV stopped moving, the jacks came down and the slides went out, Leilani and I came out to see what was on the Cat TV Channel for that day.

Leilani checks out the Bay of Fundy
Danno plots how to get through the screen door

Some days we got to see squirrels, rabbits, or chipmunks on Cat TV.

Other days we got to see birds.

But most of the time, we were stuck in the motorhome, doing our indoor activities: (sleeping, scratching on the post, eating, drinking from the faucet, getting our claws trimmed, scratching the chair, etc.)

When Hank and Cindy got back from their fun days without us (e.g., hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, driving in the car, visiting friends and family)—not that we wanted to do any of that anyway…they would sometimes take us outside for outdoor activities.

Hank and Cindy enjoying outdoor activities without us!

We got to eat grass, chase bugs, pee on bushes, run away from noises and vehicles, and stare down dogs, and that was all fun.

Is nothing private? Marking my territory to let other cats know who's boss here.

But look at the humiliating harness and leash we were forced to endure. (They were afraid we would get lost or attacked by coyotes or vultures.)

Eating grass--a favorite outdoor activity
Vultures keep an eye on the cats from their perch

I wondered if that eagle could catch me or not, but I decided not to chance it and ran inside. 

So, check out the map that went everywhere with us. Here’s what it looked like at the beginning of the trip (see all the states we had already traveled with Hank and Cindy?).

Our state and province map at the beginning of this trip (April 2019)

And here’s what it looked like at the end. Can you believe they dragged us through 27 states and 5 Canadian provinces (and we don’t even speak English, let alone French)?

The state and province map at the end of this trip (August 2019)

Cindy and Hank visited 7 U.S. national parks, 9 Canadian national parks, and tons of other monuments and historic sites, but we didn’t get to do hardly any of that fun stuff.

Left behind to snooze the day away.

We did visit 46 campgrounds and 3 homes with Hank and Cindy on this trip. The state park campgrounds and Canadian national park campgrounds were definitely our favorites—they had the most grass, trees, and birds.

We like campgrounds with grass and trees.

If you really want to get bored, check out the RV Park Reviews that Hank and Cindy have been writing for every campground we’ve stayed at since they bought this motorhome. Here’s the link.

Leilani says her highlight was walking three times a day with her best friend Ann (who was with us for 10 days).

My highlight was marking my territory by letting those other cats know I was the boss (see picture above).

Leilani got spoiled by Ann walking her 3 times a day!

I do apologize for all the trouble I caused when I bit Cindy’s arm (honestly, it was a natural feline reaction to my tail being painfully jammed in a folding kitchen counter).

I didn't mean to bite you!

Now that we’re back home in Marina del Rey, we finally had time to let you know what this trip was really like (at least from a cat’s perspective). We hope you come visit us soon (before they take us out on the road again)!  

P.S.  That’s Hank and Cindy enjoying Venice Beach, which is a 5-minute walk from our home.  Why would they ever want to leave?  

Back home enjoying cooler weather on Venice Beach

7 thoughts on “Surviving RV Travel: A Cat’s Perspective”

  1. That was an awesome cat commentary! Glad we got to be part of your extensive trip across the country, by blog and in person. Till we meet again.

  2. Cindy and Hank….greetings from Vienna….Marleen and I just read the blog and loved all of your narrative and, of course, the pictures of the kitties!
    You guys are truly living “The American Geezer Dream” as you motor around the USA ! This is the way retirement can be so rewarding…we all need to catch up with a lunch or dinner soon!

    Marleen and Jim

    • Europe! Now that’s a first! Yes, I’m starting to notice that I’m often the oldest guy in the room or RV in this case. Hurry home so I can hang out with people my own age!

  3. Hank,

    It is an honor and a noble profession to be identified as a Certified Geezer”…wear the title proudly!

    Love to have you and Cindy visit The United Republic of Coto De Caza when you’re schedule allows…we miss you guys !


    p.s. – yes, it is the same Bob Bouttier and I see him from time to time on the island…really a wonderful guy !

    • Can’t muster up the proud part for some reason. Certainly not the nobility. But adventure is helping. Miss you guys too. See you soon.


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