Diving in Palau–The Video

On most of our diving trips I usually end up creating a video of the whole trip. In this case, we stopped off in Hawaii first in order to break up the long flights and travel time that it takes to get to Palau from Los Angeles. Our 2-week vacation included 3 nights in Hawaii, one night (unplanned) in Guam, and 7 nights in Palau. Our 2 weeks of travel and destinations also included our 8 dive buddies from 3 states. So the video includes all of us and the places we traveled and stayed. But most of all I included a sampling of the 12 dives (and 1 snorkel trip to Jellyfish Lake) in Palau. I hope you like the results that give you some idea of the many creatures we saw. The rainy weather and dive conditions were far from perfect in Palau so our camera work suffered. We did the best we could in capturing the fun and excitement of diving with sharks and manta rays and hundreds of other fishes.

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9 thoughts on “Diving in Palau–The Video”

    • Also, Mark. Check out Bensound.com. That’s where I got all the music for this one. All of it was free but you can also purchase individual tracks.

  1. Thanks, Mark. I had to do a lot of editing in Lightroom and iMovie of the mantas and sharks just to get close to the colors we wanted. You might try messing with your white balance and maybe some of the exposure in your software. That’s what did it for me.

  2. Total immersion, saving my breath, cool beyond words, captured it all, but it’s still a snail not a whale.
    Anyways, let’s do it again soon.


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